Sales support, quote calculating and costs analysis. An important computing platform flexible and customizable so invaluable help calculate the costs or production drops, sales cuts, mark-ups or shipping costs.

The program allows you to enable or disable entries to the calculation by simple checkmarks and perform cross-checks for the presence of essential data examination.

Finally, there are more than one computing platform, depending on the type of product to which you want to make the quote, StonX will show the most appropriate platform for the calculation.

Performed preliminary calculations it is possible to generate the documents registered as offers to sell, such offers freeze on the date that calculations were made ​​to achieve the desired amount to preserve a historian.

You can then proceed to the creation of a document to be filled with customer data.

Each customer and supplier is stored and you can specify different information for each one, including the payment methods and deadlines, these deadlines or payment methods can be changed on the fly during the billing, otherwise will be taken automatically the standard information stored in the customer/supplier personal data.

Finally, in printing phase, StonX will automatically elaborate a PDF that can be turned to the printer or, if you wish, you can save on your PC to turn it by mail or alternative storing.

Be noted that the program will automatically construct the file name according to the scheme: [document_type]_[number]_[company name]_[date].pdf